Our school offers compulsory subjects and optional subjects in Business and French language. Both arts and sciences are offered courses in the subjects of Basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Civics, Kiswahili, French Language and English Language, Commerce, Bookkeeping too are business subjects offered at school. We also offer Information and Communication Studies (ICS) in a modern and well-furnished computer laboratory with all facilities.

Our academic timetable commences from 7.30 am in the morning to 4.00 pm in the afternoon including lunch and breakfast break. sports and games are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after class hours. Whereas co – curriculum activities and debate are on Wednesday and Fridays respectively.
Sunday ceremonies are equally respected as students worship within the school compounds in their religious denominations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Muslims and religious teachings are conducted on Sunday whereas Mosque is on Friday in special preserved prayer areas. Later there is a proposal for constructing a chapel and mosque for the religious functions.

School Achievements and Performance

In the preceeding three years since its inception in the year 2015, the school has shown an extra – ordinary performance in the nation and Mwanza region as regards mock performance and National exams in both form II and form IV. Click here to view performance.


The school is proud of having qualified, experienced and committed  staff in all sections that perform their duties as required in order to make students’ studies and staying here in conducive learning environment  to achieve the school’s vision and mission.

Assesement & Evaluation

Teaching and learning is assessed on daily basis by the Staff Management Team (SMT) to ensure merits not only on students but also on workers.

The management team too comprising of the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, the Managers of Finance and Administration and other three Service Managers monitor and evaluate the overall protocol on the implementation of our objectives, students performance in local and National examinations on quarterly and annual basis is at school level and in liaison with the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) for national examinations.

Discipline and Conduct

All the students have to abide to the stipulated code of conduct and school rules well stated in the joining instruction of regulation aiming at academic excellence.
Failure to do so shall culminate into expulsion or termination from the school instantly without lieu.
A student is advised to read thoroughly well these rules and regulations of the school and endorse his signature to prove that shall abide to them all and a copy shall be filled in his personal particulars file for reference.



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