Curriculum Offered

We offer the government curriculum as designed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training to nurture learners in all aspects.

Sports and games are compulsory to all pupils. They play alongside their teachers various games like football, volleyball, basket ball, swimming indoor games to mention but a few.
We also have clubs where pupils are guided to develop individual talents for their future life.

Subject Taught

We teach :- Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Science,  Social Studies, Civics and Moral education, Information & Communication Studies (ICS), Vocational Skills, French and co- curricular studies.

Academics Performance

Regardless Musabe Pre and Primary School being a newly established school, the 52 pupils we enrolled in Class 7 in January 2019 sat for the National examinations.
They performed as follows:-
All of them scored Grade A, the school was number 1 out of 87 schools in the District, number 1 out of 756 schools in the Region and number 5 out  of 9929 schools in the country as as shown on the figure below. (click to view results)


The school is proud of having qualified, experienced and committed  staff in all sections that perform their duties as required in order to make pupils’ studies and staying here in conducive learning environment  to achieve the school’s vision and mission.

Assesement & Evaluation

Learning is a continuous process rather than an event therefore pupils are assessed through the scholastic and the co-scholastic aspects of the pupils’ growth and development. We aim at assessing a learner’s development in areas of learning, like: Knowledge, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, evaluating& Creative domain

Rules & Regulation

All pupils have to abide to the stipulated code of conduct and school rules well stated in the joining instruction on regulations aiming at academic excellence.
Failure to do so shall culminate into expulsion or termination from the school instantly without lieu.
A pupil or parent is advised to read thoroughly well these rules and regulations of the school and endorse his/her signature to prove that shall abide to them all and a copy shall be filled in her personal particulars file for reference.