Musabe Girls Secondary School is situated in a quiet and tranquil environment outside the city center ideal for studying and recreation without much outsiders intervention hence a school culture with a monitored routine and maximum discipline. The school offers a unique modern domitories. The School has the domitories of the their own with the capacity to accommodate 920 students, 8 students per room. Dedicated staff monitor the academic, social and emotional progress of each girl, ensuring that she thrives in this environment. The boarders are taken on outings, and their experience in boarding is as rich and warm as possible.


Vegetarian meals
Please notify us, in writing, if your child is a vegetarian. We shall try to ensure that alternatives to meat are available.


Special dietary needs
If your child is allergic to certain food stuff, please notify us in writing before he/she comes so that we can try to accommodate him/her. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special diets based on the likes and dislikes of individuals. We have tried to create a menu that is enjoyed by most of the students.



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