Sports and Culture

Pupils engagement in sports and games is highly emphasized whereas every pupil choose the sport of his/her own interest from the available six which are netball, basketball, football, volleyball, Athletics and handball. We have modern sports grounds and committed teachers who also participate together with pupils as amateur thus health improvement for both physical and mental fitness.

On every Friday there is debate and academic games, clubs and sometimes with other schools and it is highly encouraged to stimulate our students and staff interacts with other schools for learning and exposure
The school too promotes co-curriculum activities such as environmental maintenance, gardening and tree planting so that they learn social skills for their future liberation.


The pupils’ refectory and teacher’s mess room are connected with the star times dishes to enable access to information, news and world events. This stimulate learning and a globalized society; pupils  too have social evening programs, and talents development shows to stimulate and inculcate creativity in art and modernity that create employment opportunities and talents development for the learners in their future.



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