About Musabe Boys Secondary School

Musabe Boys’ Secondary School was established in the year 2015 with registration number S.4853 under The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the United Republic of Tanzania. It is a secondary school that follows the Tanzania educational curriculum tested by the ministry through the National Examinations council of Tanzania with center registration number S.5343 respectively.

The school is located along Mwanza – Shinyanga road about 15 Kilometers from the city center with a fascinating view just few kilometers from Buhongwa trading centre Nyamagana District of Mwanza City, Tanzania.
Musabe schools have been initiated by a private entrepreneur with the aim of helping the parents in Tanzania and East Africa in general for provision of quality but affordable educational needs ranging from nursery to primary, secondary and higher education levels hence attain the best within our reach in Tanzania.   

Musabe Boys’ Secondary School is therefore part of the Musabe schools’ community with modern infrastructures ranging from buildings, scenery environment, playing stadia, transport facilities to mention but a few for clarity.

Our Values

The school believes in openness and curiosity in excellent professionalism, innovation and creativity. Also willingness to continue seeking new knowledge, accountability to the needs of the society, respect to dignity, equality and human rights.


To provide quality secondary education for young girls in order to meet changes and challenges of science and technology in the world of globalization and integration of different cultures.

School Goal

The school goal is to prepare students for a life of responsibility and usefulness in order to develop and strengthen efficient thoughts.

Mission Statement

Musabe Boys’ Secondary School is inspired by the school’s tradition on openness and curiosity in excellent professionalism innovation and creativity, accountability to the needs of the society and respect to dignity, equality and human rights.

School Motto

“Education First”

School Board

The school has a functional board with members and sits four times a year to advise the school management and administration on various matters. It is also the chief advisory organ on matters pertaining to students’ discipline, workers’ conduct and generally enrolment criterion to mention but a few. Our school is a gender free and active for Musabe girls’ well being.