About Musabe Pre and Primary School

Musabe Pre and Primary School is a newly established learning institution in Mwanza City. It is  located along Mwanza – Shinyanga  Highway, just 15 km from the City with a fascinating view from Buhongwa centre. It was opened in January 2016. It enrolls pupils from all regions of Tanzania and abroad.



The Pre and Primary school was fully registered with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in the year 2015 with Reg. No. MZ.01/7/EA. 045 and MZ.01/7/045 respectively.



To produce all round educated citizens who are methodical users rather than lamenters and mere containers of knowledge.    


To produce not only upright & academically sound pupils but also socially balanced and physically capable citizens.

School Motto

Quality Education For All

Core Values

Musabe Pre and Primary School stands on the following core values for all her stake holders:-

  1. God fearing

  2. Patriotism

  3. Integrity

  4. Respect for all

  5. Responsibility

School Goal

We are focused on producing best results in all we do and being the best school in the country and East African Region at large.